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Slip into style.

When four senior P&G executives left to pilot a bold turnaround of the venerable Totes-Isotoner brand, they needed an agency as entrepreneurial and agile as they were. Our first campaign for Isotoner put the slippers brand firmly back on its feet with a 360-degree multi-platform digital campaign.

brand identity & naming


content planning & development

digital content & video

social media

media buying & planning

campaign monitoring & analytics

point of purchase

We communicated our superior comfort message to millennial moms everywhere through paid social media, used to distribute content we created in-house, as well as content we crowd-sourced from influencers. With almost 1MM in-store conversions, we are comfortable saying the first campaign was an amazing success.

“At ISOTONER, we are transforming our brand, accelerating innovation, and engaging with our consumer wherever she wishes to be engaged. In BARKER, we found a like-minded agency with both expertise and agility.” -Dan Rajczak, CEO, Totes Isotoner