M by Maidenform

A maximilast campaign that’s about so much more than a line of intimates.

It’s not every day that you get to develop the biggest product launch of a heritage brand in 100 years. M is Maidenform’s cheekier, sassier younger sister, designed for a younger woman who craves its soft, yummy fabrics, and loves that it can double as outerwear. The first launch coming out of a year long repositioning for the bra and shapewear giant, our M campaign–Extra with a side of Extra–invites women to indulge in a deliciously over-the-top experience that goes beyond your average bra and underwear ad. It represents the history and expertise of Maidenform, and what it means to be a woman today. It’s about fully embracing who we are for ourselves and no one else’s’ gaze. M aims to make women feel however they damn well please. No apologies.

  • brand strategy & positioning
  • visual identity
  • campaign development
  • original track
  • social content
  • digital advertising
  • out of home takeovers
  • NYFW partnerships

We collaborated with rapper and songwriter Princess Nokia to create an original track called Tasty Delight, an ode to our M woman living her best life in Craveable Intimates.

mockup billboard
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